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Adoption Law

Adoption Placement Licensure

In 1981, Mr. Nyce created and established the adoption division of Shepherd Care Ministries, a Christian counseling agency which as of this writing has placed over 3,500 newborns and young children into Christian homes. The agency was the first all-Christian adoption agency approved and licensed in the State of Florida, which incidentally, came after great opposition from the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services, the licensing arm of the government. After a 3-year long battle with the Department, he secured an adoption placement license from Tallahassee in 1985 (a first of its kind) and which opened wide the floodgate for countless Christian and likewise private sector adoption agencies and foster homes in Florida. Since 1981 and throughout the pre and post licensure procedure, the agency he worked with has placed over 3,500 babies and small children for adoption. 

Later, he conceived of and helped to develop statutory law as a result of his appointment to the Florida Adoption Advisory Counsel in 1990 which resulted in the codification of certain of Mr. Nyce’s F.S. 63 adoption forms. At a joint meeting of counsel members in 1994 he introduced the idea of a putative birth father’s registration culminating in F.S. 63.054 which limits prospective claims on a child headed for adoption which was conceived by him. 

Pro-life and Operation Rescue

As a corollary to adoption law and the protection of children, one of his greatest career challenges involved the legal representation of Operation Rescue South Florida and its’ national founder and his friend, Mr. Randall Terry, individually. Mr. Nyce was regularly involved with state leadership in the pro-life movement in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. He spearheaded a group of 13 Christian attorneys in the extremely successful legal defense of 84 “rescuers” all pro bono, in criminal court in Palm Beach County in 1989. He also participated in the successful blockade of an abortuary and numerous demonstrations in the tri-county area. 


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